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1. 沼 NumaAragaki Mutsumi Project
00:00 / 05:20
2. ナークニー ハンタバル Naakunii HantabaruAragaki Mutsumi Project
00:00 / 07:28
3. Nature Boy〜月ぬ美しゃ TsukinukaisyaAragaki Mutsumi Project
00:00 / 05:48
4. Too Much Love For YouAragaki Mutsumi Project
00:00 / 06:48


歌三線  vocal,  electronics, audiovisual, soundscapes

沖縄伝統音楽のディープなオキナワン グルーヴ&ソウルを核にコンテンポラリーなサウンドとヴィジュアルを革新的に融合、オーセンティックかつ前衛的な音楽を創造。世界最大級のワールドミュージックのエキスポ WOMEX2021 Official Showcase Artistとして日本で6組目、沖縄からはソロとして初めて選ばれた。ソロアルバム「Another World Of Okinawan Music」をリリース、国内外で高い評価を得る。BBC Music Magazineの"The best world music recordings released in 2021 so far”に選ばれた。ソロでは伝統音楽とエレクトロニックを融合させた演奏、また、ジャズミュージシャンとも共演。沖縄音楽の巨匠 普久原朝喜、普久原京子の孫弟子。メディア:Songlines Magazine(イギリス)/ フェスティバル:WOMEX 2021(ポルトガル)、Jazz in Nanjo 2020(沖縄)、Nippon Connection 2019(日本映画祭, ドイツ)など出演 / 作品参加:蓮沼執太「unpeople」2023

Aragaki Mutsumi   

Okinawan classic vocal, vocal, sanshin, electronics, audiovisual, soundscapes

She progressively integrates the deep groove and soul of Okinawan traditional music with contemporary sounds and visuals, and creates an authentic and avant-garde music. She was selected by one of the biggest world music expos WOMEX2021 as an Official Showcase Artist, the 6th from Japan, and the 1st solo artist from Okinawa. She released her first solo album “Another World Of Okinawan Music” which garnered positive reviews from around the world. It was selected by BBC Music Magazine as "The best world music recordings released in 2021 so far”. She performs in a solo setting, traditional music with electronics, as well as performing collaboratively with Jazz musicians. She studied under the school of two great maestros of Okinawan traditions, Fukuhara Chouki and Fukuhara Kyouko. Media: Songlines Magazine (UK) / Festival: WOMEX 2021 (Portugal), Jazz in Nanjo 2020 (Okinawa), Nippon Connection 2019 (Japanese Film Festival, Germany) / Collaboration: Shuta Hasunuma "unpeople" 2023


1974年大阪生まれ、2001年から沖縄に移住。ピアノ、アコーディオン、フルートなどの楽器を用いて、様々なジャンルのミュージシャンと共演、録音参加音源多数。フリーインプロヴィゼーションから、戦前の楽曲のカバーやオリジナル楽曲の演奏まで、幅広く演奏活動を行なっている。ソロの三作品(linktr.eeにて視聴可)では、ミュゼット、タンゴ、ワルツ、ジャズ、童謡、民謡など幅広いジャンルの曲を収録。アコーディオン弾き語りのソロ活動では、観客も一緒に参加できる歌声喫茶風ステージも行っている。また、沖縄ちんどん屋同好会、比嘉座の芝居の音楽などを通して、音楽と人との多様な関わり方を模索している。2008年、バンド「paap」でリスボンJAZZ EM AGOSTOに出演。

Katori Koichiro

Born in Osaka in 1974, moved to Okinawa in 2001. He performs with musicians of various genres using instruments such as the piano, accordion, and flute, and has participated in many recordings. He has a wide range of performance activities, from free improvisation to covers of pre-war songs and performances of original compositions. His three solo works (available on cover a wide range of genres, including musettes, tangos, waltzes, jazz, nursery rhymes, and folk songs. During his solo activities as an accordion player, he also holds a singing cafe-style stage where the audience can join in. He is also exploring various ways of connecting music and people through the Okinawa Chindonya Club and music for plays by Higaza Theater. In 2008, he performed at Lisbon JAZZ EM AGOSTO as a member of the band ”paap".




Uechi gacha Kazuya
Born in Okinawa, 1968. He plays the electric bass or double-bass on Jazz, Free-Jazz, Rock, Pops, Blues, Improvisation and many kind of music. Especially, he is a pioneer of improvisation and avant-garde music in Okinawa. His owned live music venue “Groove” organizes improvised and avant-garde music event usually. Groove and his performance made a history of Okinawan underground music scene, and many improvised musicians in the world visited to Groove and him. He is a band master of free-jazz orchestra formed in 2005 called “Jitchacku Orchestra”.

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