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ARAGAKI Mutsumi   

Okinawan classic vocal, vocal, sanshin, electronics, audio-visual, soundscapes, photos, paintings


She progressively integrates the deep groove and soul of Okinawan traditional music with contemporary sounds and visuals, and creates an authentic and avant-garde music. She was selected by one of the biggest world music expos WOMEX2021 as an Official Showcase Artist, the 6th from Japan, and the 1st solo artist from Okinawa. She released her first solo album “Another World Of Okinawan Music” which garnered positive reviews from around the world. It was selected by BBC Music Magazine as "The best world music recordings released in 2021 so far”. She performs in a solo setting, traditional music with electronics, as well as performing collaboratively with Jazz musicians. She studied under the school of two great maestros of Okinawan traditions, Fukuhara Chouki and Fukuhara Kyouko.


Media: Songlines Magazine, fRoots Magazines, BBC Music Magazine, WIRE Radio, Far Side Radio (UK), NHK World J-Melo (Japan)


Festival de FRUE 2022 (Japan), Jazz in Nanjo 2020 (Okinawa), Earth Day Tokyo 2019, 
New Narratives Film Festival 2016 (Taiwan), Trans Asia Music Meeting (Okinawa).



Sweden-Okinawa art project 2023 (Sweden), WOMEX 2021 (Portugal), Camera Japan 2019 (Japanese Film Festival, Netherlands), Nippon Connection 2019 (Japanese Film Festival, Germany)


XII International Sacred Music Festival 2023 (Colombia) (Concert and Masterclass on Okinawan classical vocal)

Hidden Kingdom World Music Festival 2021(Bhutan), Asia Music Summit 2020 (musician 
panelist. Canada)

Music contribution: Bangkok Theater Festival 2018 (Thailand)

Collaboration: Shuta Hasunuma "unpeople" 2023


Be. Okinawa X Photograph by Sato Kenji   Music by Aragaki Mutsumi 



Organizer: the Okinawa Prefecture Convention Bureau

A video of attracting tourists from the Okinawa Prefecture Convention Bureau by photographer Sato Kenji. Please enjoy the magnificent and divine world view of Okinawa’s nature with Sato's artistic images and Chijuyaa from her album ANOTHER WORLD OF OKINAWAN MUSIC. 

video link    event details   event report

>Sato is in charge of editing this video. He was also particular about using the music of Aragaki Mutsumi, an artist from Okinawa. 

“From the beginning, I wanted to use the Okinawan traditional folk song, but the one which sounds rather than classical but contemporary, and which would match the image of Okinawa from my own perspective. I searched and found Aragaki san’s track."




Online lecture on Okinawan music at Musics Of Japan @ Keio University (closed)

2020  She was in charge of online lectures (live music, discussion / in English) about Okinawan music.

* We are accepting lecture requests (Japanese / English) about Okinawan music at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

Participated in ASIA MUSIC SUMMIT as a musician panelist

2020  She participated online as a musician panelist in ASIA MUSIC SUMMIT, a roots music conference sponsored by MusiConnect Asia in partnership with GLOBAL TORONTO, Music Conference + Showcase in Toronto, Canada.

MusiConnect Asia:


Original song nominated at RADIO SAKAMOTO


2017  The original song "Spinnin'Around?" Was nominated at the audition corner of Sakamoto Ryuichi's radio program RADIO SAKAMOTO. Official website

Her original song "Too Much Love" adopted as an insert song for the stage "The Drumming"

2016   Organizer: Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa Prefectural Cultural Promotion Association

Official site

For Music From Okinawa's compilation CD for introducing Okinawan music at Womex (one of the largest world music expos), her 3 tracks were selected.

​©︎ 2023 Aragaki Mutsumi    ​Photo: Jae Hong Kim / Toma Fumiya
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