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ARAGAKI MUTSUMI Okinawan Music Online Academy

Okinawan Vocal & Sanshin 

Both the amateurs ( also beginners ) and the professionals are welcomed. It's only for adults.


female age 48 career 3years

I wasn't sure about how I should sing, or how I should train myself, I've hoped that I would be a singer who would be able to fascinate the audience after I get a firm vocalization basics. Knowing that her vocal lesson focuses on the unique vocalization of Okinawan music, I decided to take her lessons. By taking her lessons, I gradually have understand the Okinawan vocalization, and what I should learn and train for making well use of my own voice character. Each lesson was very meaningful and precious experience for her careful and patient instructions on the basics of vocalization and how I should sing, and for good hints she gave me on focused points of my training. And she also gave me good advices on my sanshin, too, how I should hold Bachi (pick), the angle of bachi and strings and the fingering on left hand. I thought I wasted years before I took her lessons. I appreciate her meaningful lessons very much.

■K.M  male   guitar player and songwriter

It was a very nice lesson. I play a guitar, so I asked her to teach me about Okinawan music on the guitarist's viewpoint, she taught me well in a precise way and I learned a lot. I recommend her lessons for not only who wants to experience Sanshin, but also who wants to learn about the Okinawan music theory.





Aragaki Mutsumi 


新垣睦美 沖縄音楽通信アカデミー​  〒904-1302 沖縄県国頭郡宜野座村宜野座368   tel:098-968-8829
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